How To Prevent Birds From Nesting In Your Dryer Vent

How To Prevent Birds From Nesting In Your Dryer Vent

How To Prevent Birds From Nesting In Your Dryer Vent

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  • On February 13, 2022
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Birds Nesting In Your Dryer Vent

It is critical to keep your dryer vent free of lint buildup or other blockages. If hot air cannot flow out of the exhaust vent, it will cause overheating and may even result in a fire! In the spring, you coulf find birds nesting in dryer vents!

How Did a Bird Get into My Dryer Vent?

In the spring, birds are on the lookout for a warm, sheltered spot to nest and lay their eggs. Sparrows and starlings are both cavity-nesting species, meaning that the vents on our homes for the stove, bathroom and clothes dryer are the perfect place for them to build their home.

Dryer vents are a safe distance from the ground. Birds choose these nest spots because they feel protected from raccoons, cats, and other predators. The vents are warm and dry – the ideal conditions for nesting.Dryer vents usually have three flaps that cover the hole. When you turn your dryer on, the flaps open to let warm air escape. They close again when the dryer is turned off.

The Importance of Keeping the Dryer Vent Clear

Having a blocked dryer vent is no minor issue. A blockage can pose a severe fire risk because if hot air cannot escape, accumulated lint in the vent may catch alight. The National Fire Protection Association report that around 16 000 fires each year are caused by clothes dryers.


The Dangers of Birds Nesting in the Dryer Vent

Once you notice birds building a nest in your dryer vent, it is important to address the problem immediately. A pair of starlings only takes 1 to 3 days to build a nest!Pests Inside the HVAC System: Harmless Neighborhood or True Danger?

Do not wait! Birds in your dryer vent can cause:

  • An infestation of parasites, like mites or lice. Birds carry all sorts of parasites, which can crawl into your dryer and get onto your clothing.
  • Birds often carry pathogens that cause diseases in humans. These pathogens can be transmitted via the dryer vent.
  • Birds get pushed or sucked into the vent and die. The smell of the dead bird will permeate your laundry.

Methods to Keep Birds out of Dryer Vent

There are two different ways to insure yourself from the horrors described above. You can make your own vent cover or buy a vent guard. Both these options are low-cost and essential to maintaining a clean dryer vent.

    • Seal the exterior duct with hardware cloth or galvanized wire mesh.
    • Buy and install a vent guard. These are designed specifically for keeping birds and other animals out of the dryer vent but allowing air to flow out.


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