How To Hide Your Dryer Vents?

How To Hide Your Dryer Vents?

How To Hide Your Dryer Vents?

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  • On March 9, 2022
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Hiding Dryer Vents

The vents aren’t the prettiest things to look at. Dryer vents are seen in every house that has a dryer And you definitely don’t want that. Here are creative ways to conceal these unsightly ducts.

Ways To Hide Dryer Vents:

Build a backless cabinet around it

This is probably the most straightforward and most efficient solution. Build a cabinet around the vent and use that cabinet to store your laundry room essentials. It hides the vent and creates space for storage while adding a little jazz.

There are two things to take in mind, though. Firstly, the cabinet must be backless, and second, the must allow the vent to reach the dryer while obscured from sight.

Build a false wall

Another easy method is building a false wall surrounding your vent using plasterboard, wood beams, and screws.

Make sure to create a ventilation path from the false wall to the dryer. This is a cheaper alternative to building a cabinet, and while it may lack a few efficiency points, it still serves the purpose. And you can always paint it the color of your walls so that it blends in easily.

Get a dryer vent box

The title says it all. Purchase a dryer vent box. It is probably the simplest solution for hiding them from plain sight. An  easy as taking a quick trip to the store instead of building a cabinet or a fake wall. It is fast and cheap.dryer vent box

If you are not looking to increase storage space or improve the overall look of your laundry room, then this is the best solution.

Put your dryer in a cabinet

Simply take the time to measure the space necessary to set the machine and then build the cabinet.

This may take some time and effort, but it does the job as it creates a perfect spot to place your washing machine and dryer while also keeping the vent out of sight. You can get creative while making that cabinet as there are many materials and designs to choose from that will elevate the overall appearance.

Use a PVC pipe

Get a strong PVC pipe that matches the size of your vent. Attach it to the vent hole and let it vent the moisture and hot air straight outside or any open place, maybe your basement or anywhere you prefer.

This idea requires a lot less effort than setting up a cabinet, and you can decorate the pipe however you need.


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