Importance Of Cleaning Bathroom Vent Fan

Importance Of Cleaning Bathroom Vent Fan

Importance Of Cleaning Bathroom Vent Fan

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  • On March 15, 2022
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Bathroom Fan

With so many items on your cleaning checklist, it can be easy to forget about the humble but hardworking bathroom exhaust fan. However, because it removes excess moisture and prevents mold and mildew, it is essential to keep clean. Prevent dust buildup on both the exhaust fan cover and motor by cleaning it once or twice each year.

Why You Should Clean Your Bathroom Fan

Remove Bad Odors in the House

The smell of mold is enough to make you sick. Mold is an organism that feeds on moistness, and when it grows in your home, it releases toxic substances into the air. Mold can irritate the eyes, nose, throat, lungs, and skin. Mold can also cause asthmatic reactions, nausea, headaches, fatigue, and other health risks. If your house smells like mildew or dirt, then it’s time to seek bathroom vent cleaning services from trusted professionals like Every Dryers.

Reduce the Spread of Germs

If you have a dirty, clogged bathroom fan, your bathroom can become a hotbed for germs and bacteria. Think about how many times the fan blades turn on daily. That number skyrockets when multiple family members use the bathroom, which leads to increased moisture and humidity in the air. The moist environment provides an ideal place for harmful bacteria and mold to grow.

Cleaning your bathroom fan reduces the chance of harmful bacteria in the home, which is especially important for anyone with allergies or other health problems.

Save Money on Utility Bills

When you have a clogged-up bathroom exhaust vent, it takes longer for heated air to leave your home. This means that your heater or furnace has to work harder to keep the room warm or cool without any outside help. Keep yourself from spending extra money during the winter months by getting the fan cleaned out in time for fall.

3 Ways to Clean a Bathroom Fan

Prevent a Fire Hazard

A clogged fan is dangerous because the insulation on wires can become worn away after prolonged exposure to heat. Moisture then builds up and combines with dust, lint, and debris that have fallen into your system. This mixture acts as an accelerant for a fire that could burn down your home if not detected in time.

Prevent Shower Stains

When you use your shower, humidity builds up in the room. If not removed, this humidity will cause ugly yellow or brown stains to appear on tiles and other surfaces in your bathroom. In addition, clogged vents mean that it can take longer for steam from a hot shower to escape the space, which increases the risk of condensation.


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