Can You Clean Dryer Vents With A Leaf Blower?

Can You Clean Dryer Vents With A Leaf Blower?

Can You Clean Dryer Vents With A Leaf Blower?

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  • On August 10, 2022
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If you want to use your dryer vents for many years, you need to keep it well-maintained. A crucial part of dyer maintenance is regular and effective dryer vent cleaning. If you’ve noticed that your dryer is working less effectively lately, leaving your clothes wet after one dryer cycle, you likely need to clean your dryer vent.

A leaf blower can quickly and efficiently clean a dryer vent. How effective this process is dependent on:

  • The length of the dryer vent
  • The material it’s made of
  • The construction of the exit pipe in the backyard

Cleaning a dryer vent with a leaf blower almost always works completely.

Why Do You Require to Get Rid of Lint From a Clothes Dryer Vent?

There are numerous important reasons why you need to remove lint regularly from your clothes dryer. The initial is that a build-up of lint will reduce the airflow in your clothes dryer, which leads to decreased performance.

lint in the air vent can likewise develop mold and mildew in your house walls and insulation.

Probably the most crucial factor, though, is due to the fact that dust is flammable– and also if you don’t remove it, it can become a fire danger. Actually, it is believed that around 20,000 residence fires annually in the United States are triggered by dust igniting.

For all these reasons, you need to on a regular basis clean the lint caught in your clothes dryer. You must additionally get rid of the lint accumulation from the clothes dryer’s air duct at the very least when a year.

Allow’s take a look at how to do it currently.

When Can You Clean Dryer Vents With A Leaf Blower

A leaf blower provides a strong, steady stream of air in a straight line. Once you’ve disconnected the duct from the wall, you should be able to use your leaf blower to blow all of the clogged materials out the other side dryer vent. However, this only works if your dryer vent system meets all of the following criteria:

  • No metal screens on exterior walls. If you do have one and can remove it, that’s fine. If you can’t remove it, the leaf blower will just compact the lint, threads, and dust onto the other side of the metal screen.
  • The vent line must be short. If it’s more than a couple of feet, the leaf blower won’t be able to blow the trappings completely through the vent.
  • The vent line doesn’t turn or curve. If there are twists and turns, the trappings will get stuck and the leaf blower won’t be able to push the clogged lint, threads, and dust all the way through.
  • The vent has smooth metal inside. Some ducts use accordion-style duct material. Unfortunately, lint collects in the folds of these and can be impossible to dislodge with a leaf blower.

If your dryer vent system doesn’t meet all of the listed requirements, do not use a leaf blower. You could create a worse clog that will require professional dryer vent cleaners to dislodge and remove.


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