Benefit of Cleaning Dryer Vent Before Winter

Benefit of Cleaning Dryer Vent Before Winter

Benefit of Cleaning Dryer Vent Before Winter

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  • On December 30, 2022
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Benefit of Cleaning Dryer Vent Before Winter  Air ducts transfer air from the outdoors into the home and circulate the air throughout the house. The air duct cleaning process involves a negative pressure source removal method. This method loosens and removes contaminants such as dust and allergens without letting them enter back into the house.

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THE MANY BENEFITS OF VENT CLEANING DURING WINTERWinter Tips: Set Your Thermostat and Clean Your Dryer Vent - Ventwerx

Your vents and air ducts move air from outside the house and circulate it throughout the house. If your air ducts are dirty this means the air circulating within your home will be dirty also. And in winter, we spend more and more time indoors breathing in this air. Vent cleaning, however, helps minimize dirt and is especially important in the winter months, when the house is shut up tightly against the cold winter air. As the experts in vent cleaning for Edina, we would like to tell you more about this essential service and why now is a great time to have it scheduled.

Benefits for Cleaning Air Ducts in Winter

Reduces Winter AllergiesHow To Keep Your Dryer Vent Clean | NJ Air Quality Duct Cleaning

One wouldn’t think that there is such a thing as winter allergies, but there is. Most people get allergies in the spring or summer from pollen. However, winter allergies are mostly dust mites, pet hair, and mold. And since we are inside most of the winter, we are exposed to more of these allergies. Cleaning air ducts during the winter is the best way to remove these allergies from the air and breathe in clean air.

Reduces Virus & Bacteria

Reducing viruses and bacteria in the winter is one of the things clean air ducts can provide. The home has more viruses and bacteria in the winter because of the holidays. People stay indoors more often, preventing airflow from moving around. Things like mold, bacteria, and viruses thrive from warm and moist areas from the heater! The heat rises into the roof or walls, causing condensation, which is how winter mold forms. If people perfectly seal their homes for the winter, the air cannot move, causing mold.

Increased Heat Efficiency

Cleaning the air ducts in the winter can increase the heat in the home! Think of air ducts as a long tube. And now, let’s add holes to it and paper inside. The HVAC furnace has to work harder to give the house heat because things are preventing it from doing so.

Why More Dryer Vent Fires in the Winter?How Often to Clean Dryer Vent | Dryer Vent Cleaning Company Madison WI

Dryer vent cleaning is crucial at all times. Cleaning the vents ensures minimum buildup of lint in the lint filter as well as the seamless passage of air in the exhaust vents. So, why is it more important that the clothes dryer remains lint-free during winter. Because it is the season when you tend to use heavy clothing and bedding to keep the cold away. Lint is made of tiny bits of fibers shed by your clothing and bedding during the cleaning process. When you put garments into the washer, lint will be shed from the clothes.


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