Safety precautions when cleaning dryer vent

Safety precautions when cleaning dryer vent

Safety precautions when cleaning dryer vent

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  • On April 4, 2023
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There are important safety precautions to take when cleaning your dryer vent:

Turn off the dryer and unplug the power cord before cleaning. Make sure the dryer cannot turn on while you’re working on the vent to avoid electric shock or injury from moving parts.

• Clean vent filter first.

Remove and clean or replace the lint trap and any inline mesh filters before vent cleaning. Clogged filters reduce airflow and can become a fire hazard.

• Wear gloves, eye protection and coveralls.

Protect your hands, eyes, face and clothes from debris, chemicals (if using any), and any sharp edges in the vent. Tight-fitting gloves will also prevent getting caught in any moving parts when the dryer is turned back on.

• Use a vacuum specifically designed for dryer vents.

Portable wet/dry vacuums or dedicated dryer vent vacuums are much safer to use than a standard household vacuum which can become damaged or unstable while handling the suction.

• Ensure proper grounding for all equipment.

Make sure any vacuums, brushes or other tools are properly grounded to prevent electric shock. Check that power cords are not damaged before use.

• Consider professional vent cleaning for complex systems.

Larger commercial systems, vents with multiple branches or those with turns/bends may be too difficult or unsafe to properly clean yourself. Professional vent cleaners have the proper equipment, experience and safety precautions to thoroughly clean large/complex dryer vent systems.

• Install vent dampers to prevent backdrafting.

Backdraft dampers or flaps installed in the exhaust vent pre-vent air from being sucked in through inactive vents. They prevent hazardous gases from entering the home when the dryer is not running and ensure there is no buildup of lint or moisture in unused vent portions.

• Test vent airflow before drying again.

Use a smoke stick or match to test that air is moving freely through the entire vent system after cleaning before drying another load. This ensures adequate airflow and prevents overheating or fire risks.

• Clean vents regularly based on usage frequency.

The more often you use the dryer, the more frequently your vents will need to be cleaned. For high-use, clean vents at least twice a year. Lower use can typically get by with annual cleaning. But always clean vents at least once per year at a minimum,considering safety precautions while cleaning dryer vent.


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