What is Excess lint behind the dryer

What is Excess lint behind the dryer

What is Excess lint behind the dryer

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  • On April 6, 2023
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Excess lint behind the dryer refers to an accumulation of lint fibers behind the dryer that could pose safety issues:

• Fire hazard.

Lint is highly flammable, and too much buildup could increase the risk of a lint fire, especially around heating elements.

• Restricted airflow.

Excess lint clogging up the dryer exhaust vent, ducting, and outside vent can restrict airflow and prevent proper moisture removal. This reduces drying efficiency and can damage the dryer motor or heater.

• Blocked sensors.

Some dryers have moisture, airflow or out-of-balance sensors to control the cycle. Too much lint around these sensors could block them from detecting conditions properly and affect how the dryer operates.

• Noise and vibration.

Severe lint clogs behind or inside the dryer can lead to increased noise, shaking vibrations and out-of-balance loading issues during the cycle.

• Premature damage.

The dryer has to work harder to overcome airflow restrictions and clogs, which can lead to faster wear and damage of dryer parts like belts, hoses, bearings, and seals over time.

• Poor drying results.

If lint is preventing adequate airflow and circulation, clothes won’t dry properly. They remain wetter than expected after a cycle, leading to clothes that still feel damp or have spots of wetness.

• Difficult to clean.

Lint buildup that is excessive becomes tedious to clean, as it is packed in and stubborn. The more it builds up, the more work is required to thoroughly remove it. It’s best to establish a good cleaning routine before heavy clogs develop.

Some signs to look for excess lint behind the dryer include: seeing a lot of lint on the floor around the exhaust vent, hearing the dryer running louder or vibrating more than normal, realizing clothes are coming out of the dryer still damp, or discovering lint blocking vents or clogging the lint trap.

Finally,the solutions for excess lint behind a dryer typically involve cleaning out any built-up lint, ensuring proper dryer maintenance and filtering, and preventing future lint from accumulating too quickly.


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