Keep your dryer running safely with regular vent cleaning

Keep your dryer running safely with regular vent cleaning

Keep your dryer running safely with regular vent cleaning

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  • On May 4, 2023
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The vent that carries exhaust from your dryer outside is critical for safe and efficient operation. Over time, lint and debris build up inside dryer vents, restricting airflow and creating fire hazards. While dryer vents seem low-maintenance, regular professional vent cleaning is necessary to prevent costly damage, fires, and poor drying performance.

Issues that develop when vents remain uncleaned include:

•Fire hazards. Built-up lint is extremely flammable and can catch on fire, spreading to your dryer, the vent itself or even the surrounding structure.

•Drying time increases. Lint blockages reduce airflow, forcing the dryer to work harder and longer to dry clothes adequately, increasing energy usage and costs.

•Premature component failure. Excessive lint buildup puts strain on the dryer motor, heating elements, and other parts, causing them to burn out sooner.

•Moisture damage. In severe cases, moisture from condensed exhaust collects in clogged vents, leading to water damage of surrounding home elements like insulation, drywall or wood floors.

•Poor drying results. Lint blockages prevent optimal airflow, resulting in clothes that are still damp after drying, causing wrinkles or the need to re-dry.

•Repair costs. Issues left unaddressed lead to costly repairs, demolition and reconstruction to fix damage caused by blocked or clogged dryer vents and lint buildup.

It’s best to have your dryer vent professionally cleaned once a year or every 500 hours of use for preventative maintenance and to ensure safe and efficient drying. Professional vent cleaning uses specialized tools to remove built-up lint and debris while checking for any damage or blockages that need repair.

While DIY vent cleaning is possible with some basic tools, the average homeowner may not have access to the equipment needed for a truly comprehensive clean out. Professional service also ensures proper safety precautions are taken when working around live heating elements and electrical components. For complete peace of mind and avoiding costly consequences, professional dryer vent cleaning is highly recommended.

With trusted professional maintenance, you can keep drying clothes quickly and easily while avoiding issues from lint buildup and ensuring a safe drying process for years to come.


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