Dryer Vent Cleaning: CO2 Blasting

Dryer Vent Cleaning: CO2 Blasting

Dryer Vent Cleaning: CO2 Blasting

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  • On July 6, 2023
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Traditional methods of dryer vent cleaning like vacuuming and physically removing lint can be effective for routine maintenance. However, when lint buildup becomes heavy and hardened over time, these methods may not provide a deep enough clean. Consequently,CO2 blasting has emerged as an innovative technique for thorough dryer vent cleaning.

How CO2 Blasting Works

CO2 blasting involves propelling dry ice pellets at high velocity through a specialized nozzle to impact the surfaces inside the vent. The dry ice quickly sublimates upon contact, releasing carbon dioxide gas while simultaneously blasting away built-up lint. Consequently, the force of the dry ice particles, coupled with rapid expansion of the CO2 gas, breaks apart hardened lint and loosens particles for easy removal.

To perform CO2 blasting, technicians connect a vent nozzle to the outlet of the dryer vent duct. Then, dry ice pellets are fed into a blasting machine which propels the pellets through the nozzle into the vent using compressed air. The high-speed impact of the dry ice breaks up the most stubborn lint buildup that has accumulated.

Benefits of CO2 Blasting for Dryer Vent Cleaning

Some key advantages of CO2 blasting over traditional methods include:

  • Effective on heavy buildup – The impact force of dry ice particles, up to 200 psi, can remove hardened lint that has caked onto vent surfaces.
  • Safe material – Unlike waterjet cleaning, CO2 does not corrode or damage vent components.
  • No residual moisture – Since dry ice sublimates into CO2 gas, no water remains after cleaning to cause rust orcorrosion overtime.
  • Greener method – CO2 produces no chemical waste and utilizes a natural substance for cleaning.
  • Thorough clean – The combination of dry ice impact and CO2 expansion works together to provide a deep clean comparable to hydroblasting but without the mess.

In conclusion,CO2 presents an innovative technique for deep cleaning of dryer vents. The ability of dry ice particles to break up hardened lint buildup, coupled with the lack of residual moisture, makes CO2 blasting an effective alternative to hydroblasting for thorough vent cleaning. While the upfront costs may be higher, the greener and often superior results may justify the expense – particularly for vents with severe buildup.


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