Steam Dryer Vent Cleaning

Steam Dryer Vent Cleaning

Steam Dryer Vent Cleaning

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  • On July 24, 2023
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As lint and other debris build up within your dryer vent system, it restricts airflow and can lead to safety issues. While vent cleaning brushes and vacuuming help remove some accumulated residue, steam vent cleaning can provide a deeper, more thorough option. The high-temperature steam loosens and dissolves even caked-on oil, grease and dried lint, lifting it out of vent ducts and attachments.

How Steam Vent Cleaning Works

Professional vent cleaners use specialized high-temperature, high-pressure steam cleaning machines to generate steam between 200 to 400°F. This hot steam is then blasted through your entire vent system which:

•Penetrates any built-up residue

•Loosens and dissolves oil and grease deposits

•Breaks down and re-wets dried-on lint

•Kills bacteria and odor-causing microbes

After steaming, powerful wet/dry vacuums then extract all loosened contaminants and residue from the ducts. Some contractors may also apply a mild biodegradable detergent to the steam to further aid in cutting through grease and residue.

Benefits of Steam Vent Cleaning

Steam cleaning offers numerous advantages over traditional mechanical vent brushing:

•Deeper clean – The high-temperature steam penetrates every crevice to remove build-up that brushes may miss.

•Loosens grease – The steam dissolves oil and grease residues that can clog vents over time.

•Kills microbes – The high heat kills bacteria and other microbes that can cause odors.

•No residue – Since this one condenses back to water, no cleaning chemicals are left behind.

•Gentle method – When performed correctly, steam causes minimal damage to vent components.

•Quick drying – Vents can be used immediately once the steam has condensed and residue removed.

Other Considerations

While effective, steam cleaning does have some potential drawbacks:

•Requires specialty equipment

•Risk of surface damage if steam is too hot or applied too long

•Potential hazard for technicians due to high temperatures

•May damage electronic components if steam leaks occur

In conclusion, steam vent cleaning delivers an unsurpassed level of cleanliness when performed by a professional. The ability of high-temperature steam to penetrate and dissolve residue – along with quick drying times – makes it an optimal option for restoring maximum efficiency to your dryer vent system.


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