Inspect Your Vent System During Dryer Vent Cleaning

Inspect Your Vent System During Dryer Vent Cleaning

Inspect Your Vent System During Dryer Vent Cleaning

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  • On July 25, 2023
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Cleaning your dryer vent is essential for safety and efficiency. However, performing a thorough inspect of your entire vent system during cleaning can reveal issues that need to be addressed.

Why Inspecting Vents Matters

When we clean your dryer vent, our primary goal is removing built-up lint that reduces airflow and poses a fire risk. Consequently, we use specialized tools to vacuum and brush out accumulated fluff from the exhaust duct and inside your dryer.

However, this cleaning only targets one potential problem in your vent setup. Other factors like misaligned joints, loose connections and physical damage can also impair your dryer’s performance if left unaddressed.

What We Look For

During a vent cleaning appointment, we conduct a thorough visual inspection of your entire exhaust system. We examine:

  • Flexible vent ducting – We check for kinks, bends exceeding allowed angles and ruptures in the duct tubing. Excessive bends reduce airflow while ruptures allow lint to escape.
  • Rigid vent ducting – We inspect rigid vent pipes for cracks, punctures or signs of corrosion that require replacement of damaged sections.
  • Joints and connections – We ensure all clamps, crimps and joins forming the vent run are securely fastened and properly aligned. Loose connections allow lint to escape.
  • Wall and roof penetrations – We verify that vent exit points through walls and ceilings are sealed to prevent lint and moisture from entering.
  • Termination caps – We inspect ter-mination caps, hoods and dampers for damage, missing or loose fasteners and proper clearance from surrounding objects.

Addressing Issues We Find

Once our inspection identifies potential problems in your vent system, we promptly notify you and provide options for resolving them.

Common resolutions include:

  • Realigning misaligned vent connections
  • Securing loose clamps and reattaching detached joints
  • Repairing ruptured or crushed ducting
  • Replacing damaged sections of rigid venting
  • Resealing wall and roof penetrations
  • Reattaching or replacing damaged termination caps

By fixing these vent issues, we help ensure your entire exhaust system maximizes airflow efficiency and safely vents all exhaust outdoors.

The Benefits Are Clear

In conclusion, a thorough vent inspection during your regular cleaning appointment can:

  • Identify potential problems before they cause breakdowns or safety hazards
  • Result in a properly functioning vent system that enhances dryer performance
  • Extend the lifespan of your dryer and venting
  • Reduce service calls and future cleaning needs

So the next time you schedule dryer vent cleaning, discuss having us inspect your entire exhaust setup. Together, we’ll devise a comprehensive solution that not only cleans but properly maintains your vent system for safety and longevity.


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