Identifying Dryer Vent Damage During Professional Cleaning

Identifying Dryer Vent Damage During Professional Cleaning

Identifying Dryer Vent Damage During Professional Cleaning

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  • On August 3, 2023
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Regular cleaning of your dryer vent is essential for safely and efficiently drying your clothes. But during a professional vent cleaning, technicians also inspect for potential damage that needs repair. Here are some types of damage they might find and why identifying issues early is important.

Firstly, a buildup of excess lint

inside the vent can hide small cracks and separations in the ducting. These cracks allow lint to escape which further clogs the vent over time. However, when a technician thoroughly cleans out all the lint, they can visually inspect the ducting for tiny cracks that need to be sealed.

Similarly, technicians may discover loose or disconnected duct joints during cleaning. Loose connections deteriorate further with each drying cycle as they vibrate. But cleaning exposes these loose joints so technicians can tighten or reconnect the ductwork properly.

Moreover, kinks, dents or crushed sections of vent tubing often only become evident once all lint has been removed. Damage like this restricts air flow, reduces efficiency and may need duct replacement. But a professional cleaning makes this damage visible so it can be repaired.

Next, technicians check the vent hood and termination location for any damage or issues while performing cleaning. The vent hood should be securely attached and terminate to the outdoors, not into another space like an attic. Damaged hoods need replacement.

In summary, a professional dryer vent cleaning not only removes built-up lint that may cause fires, it allows technicians to visually inspect all areas of the vent and ducting for potential damage. From cracked ducting to loose joints to damaged or misplaced vent hoods, issues that go unnoticed can lead to safety hazards, reduced efficiency and premature appliance failure. But when damage is identified during a regularly scheduled cleaning, minor repairs and adjustments can be made before problems worsen. So in addition to removing fire-causing lint, professional dryer vent cleanings uncover maintenance needs that extend the life of your dryer and venting system.


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