Dryer vent cleaning and chimney cleaning services in Ottawa

Dryer vent cleaning and chimney cleaning services in Ottawa

Dryer vent cleaning and chimney cleaning services in Ottawa

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  • On November 24, 2023
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As the winter season approaches, many homeowners in Ottawa rely on central heating to keep warm air flowing throughout their homes. While furnaces and fireplaces help beat back the cold, this increased use also means flues and chimneys require additional care. As a certified dryer vent cleaning and masonry specialist serving Ottawa year-round, we recommend including chimney inspections and cleanings as part of your regular home maintenance routine.

Similarly to how dryer vents collect lint over time

Chimneys accumulate creosote residue from continuous drafting of combustion gases and ash particles. However, while lint poses a fire risk, creosote buildup becomes outright hazardous as it is highly flammable. Even the smallest spark can ignite creosote coating the inside of chimney walls and flues. Unfortunately, accumulation often worsens during winter months as appliances are used more intensively.

Rather than waiting until a problem arises, our technicians utilize specialized equipment to remove all traces of creosote before risks emerge. We inspect the full masonry structure as well as the stainless-steel liner insert from top to bottom. Employing fiber optic cameras catches issues like cracks or obstructions otherwise overlooked. Additionally, we evaluate the crown, rain cap, and bases for other deterioration requiring attention. Staying proactive pays off in avoiding expensive repairs and ensuring safe operation.

Complementing mechanical cleaning, our restoration professionals also offer comprehensive chimney repairs for damaged flues or crumbling chimney caps. Proper sealing prevents water incursion that weakens masonry over time. Together, inspection and restoration restore full integrity and performance standards. Rest assured furnishings and belongings remain out of harm’s way after our service.

Don’t take chances by delaying maintenance – rely on our certified team to thoroughly clean and examine your entire chimney system before increased use. Schedule consistently to maintain safety all season long while preventing costly repairs down the road. Keep home heating worry-free through our meticulous services tailored for Ottawa winters.


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