Safe To Run Wires Through A Dryer Vent?

Safe To Run Wires Through A Dryer Vent?

Safe To Run Wires Through A Dryer Vent?

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  • On February 21, 2022
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Can a Dryer Vent be near electrical?

Dryer Vents cleaning technician needs to be aware that there are often wires inside of dryer vents. While it is no longer allowed in current building codes, many older homes have wires that run through the ventilation system. It was once a common practice by many home builders to run thermostat. Humidistat and other wires through ducts and ventilation trunk lines

The importance of a dryer vent cannot be overstated.  Like any working part of your home, it requires maintenance and upkeep, routine cleaning. And the occasional troubleshooting when the dryer is acting up.  Homeowners unaware of how essential the dryer vent is to their appliance sometimes wonder if they can use the vent as a short cut to run wires through it.  The bottom line is that it’s not a good idea because the dryer vent is an active part of how your dryer runs and obstructing it with anything—especially electrical wiring—is a hazard waiting to happen.

Is it Safe to Run Electrical Wires Through a Dryer Vent? - Vertical Chimney  Care

Reasons why you shouldn’t weave wires through your Dryer Vent:


The lint particles that travel through in the dryer vent can make this component. And the hot air void of moisture that it passes increasingly flammable.  The last thing you’ll want to run through such a beast are electrical wires.  The dryer vent should serve its singular purpose of removing the moisture from your clothes. And venting this hot air outside of the home.  Using it for anything other than what it’s intended for will put your home, your family, and yourself at great risk.


The dryer vent is intended to expel the fine lint particles accumulated from your clothing. Along with the moisture, to the outside.  Threading anything through the dryer vent is an obstruction and an offering for the lint to cling to.  Not only does this cause clogs, but it also increases the chances of igniting a fire, something even more serious and deadly.

How far should wires be from heating ducts?

Electrical wire should be kept at least 1″ away from radiator piping and heating ducts. A piece of insulation can be used to keep the wire separated from a nearby heating duct or pipe if necessary. Electrical wire must be kept at least 6″ away from a single-wall exhaust flue of gas fired heating appliances.


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