6 Actions Are Damaging Your Dryer

6 Actions Are Damaging Your Dryer

6 Actions Are Damaging Your Dryer

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  • On March 23, 2022
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Dryers can reduce significant time and make our daily task routines much more convenient though at an expense. Want to make sure your washer and dryer have a long, healthy—and totally efficient—life? Avoid these mistakes, both for the benefit of your appliances and the safety of your home.

Actions that may damage Dryers

Damaging the dryer

Here are some passive actions that may damage dryers over time, leading to dire consequences.

Placing the Dryer on a Slanted Surface

Your dryer must always be placed on flat land to work effectively. Use flattening equipment to verify if the floor in your basement or laundry space is leveled under the dryer if you have any doubts.

If you see that your dryer is resting on a level that is even half a circle away, it’s advisable to follow the manual instructions and learn how to modify the bottom of your dryer to make it more steady.

Utilizing Polyvinyl Vent

One of the most notorious elements inside dryer vents is having a vent that is composed of polyvinyl. This material has quite a lot of downsides that have caused it to lose popularity among other materials.It is best to completely avoid using polyvinyl vents. Use rubber tubing instead of a polyvinyl vent! Since it lacks the mobility and roughness that metal vents have, the material does not satisfy current safety requirements.

Keeping the Vent Outlet Wide Open

The warmth invites creatures to make their homes in this cozy nook. You should never leave your vent wide open without concealing it with a cover.

It is common for birds to make their nest and die inside the vent tube. It could also cause a rat infestation with this opening, and they might bite through anything in their way.

Clothes Carrying Chopstick, Bubblegum

Examine pockets for objects such as pens, bubblegum, chapstick, earrings, or even mobiles before placing your clothes into the machine.

Such objects are known to cause extensive damage to your dryers as clothes tumble at high speeds.Keeping your clothes in check before the drying process is a standard procedure.

Checking to turn each pocket completely before loading the garments into the device is the most effective approach to avoid tragedies.

Ignoring the Number of Fabric Softeners Being Utilized

Fabric softener sheets are notorious for causing difficulties in machines, yet most of the issues are caused by user error.

These items are intended to reduce stationary adhesion, and they must be harmless to use if used properly.

For starters, customers must only utilize the number of sheets advised.

When excessive sheets are being used, the softening agents in the sheets might create a remnant, clogging the drain.

You’re not clearing the lint trap every time

It’s absolutely imperative that you clear the lint trap in your dryer every time you do a load of laundry.

According to The Spruce, skipping it can cause your dryer to operate less efficiently, as a full lint trap reduces air flow and can cause lint to build up in the vent and ducts. But not only is it bad for your dryer, not clearing the lint trap can cause house fires, too. So it’s not just damaging, it’s dangerous.


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