Things You Never Knew Your Dryer Could Do

Things You Never Knew Your Dryer Could Do

Things You Never Knew Your Dryer Could Do

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  • On April 13, 2022
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Most people have a dryer in their home just for the purpose of drying their clothes, but what you do not know is that it can do so much more then just dry your clothes. In fact, dryers are now more advanced and can offer some pretty impressive tricks that can make your laundry sessions a whole lot easier.

So, if you’re only using the appliance to dry clothes, you are missing out on some of its great features. Here are ways your dryer can make your life even easier.



Kill Germs & Bugs

If your dryer has a Sanitize cycle, it can really come in handy! Sanitizing cycles work by cranking up the heat, reaching high enough temperatures to kill bacteria, lice, bedbugs, moth larvae and any other unwanted critters.

Freshen Up An Outfit

If the outfit you want to wear has been sitting under a pile of other clothes for a few days, you can use your dryer to freshen it up in a flash! For those with steam dryers, use your dryer’s Steam Refresh cycle to revitalize your wrinkled clothes quickly and easily.

Cut Down On Ironing

Many of your dryer’s cycles and settings can help you cut down on ironing. For instance, steam dryers can inject steam into the drum during the dry cycle to help prevent wrinkles from forming.

Dry Delicates Flat

Many newer dryers have a lot of cool accessories you can purchase separately from the manufacturer. One accessory I’ve seen that I’m extremely envious of is a drum rack, which you can slide into your dryer to stabilize chunky items and block delicate clothing so it dries flat.

Dryer Cab Refresh Your Comforter

Does your comforter seem a bit squashed, flattened, or lifeless? Over time, the material inside your comforter can get compressed from normal use, but there’s an easy way to restore its loft!

Dry Your Sneakers Silently
People often avoid dryer their sneakers in their dryer because of the noise they make as the bounce around inside. Newer models have a special in dryer shelving attachment that can be added in order to keep them from bouncing around.

Be Super Energy Efficient
By having a newer model of a dryer, you can be much more energy efficient. The newer models have perfected drying while taking up much less energy to run and dry what ever is in it.


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