Problems That Affect A Dryer Vent Cover

Problems That Affect A Dryer Vent Cover

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  • On July 22, 2022
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A bad smell coming from your device is a sure-fire sign you need dryer vent cover repair ASAP. This bad smell can permeate through the dryer, spreading across your home. Worse, a faulty  cover can cause a fire. While it isn’t an everyday occurrence, a recent NFPA report has confirmed that a faulty dryer vent cover can lead to a fire outbreak. This report is an indication of how urgent cover repair is. Figuring out that your dryer cover repair is bad isn’t hard.

Are You Keeping Your Dryer Vent Clean?

Common Problems Affecting a Dryer Vent Cover

Moisturized Dirt

Algae, mildew, mould, are contaminants known as moisturized dirt. Moisturised dirt thrives in warm areas where there is water and darkness. Consequently, the insides of your dryer is an ideal breeding ground and there’s really not much you can do about it.

A dryer’s primary function is to dry wet cloth items. Hence, your dryer always has the moisture and environment that algae and similar dirt require for growth. It’s nearly impossible to prevent the dryer from breeding moisturized dirt.

High Heat

A dryer uses heat energy to dry your clothes and other materials in it. Modern dryers can produce high heat levels to ensure your clothes dry fast. But this heat needs an exit point after drying your clothes.

Extremely high heat leaves a residue behind in dryer vents. This residue is known as lint and can block airflow through your dryer vents. Over time, this restriction in airflow can affect the integrity of your cover.

The best way to prevent this problem  is frequent checks. Try to study how your dryer sounds when it is still new. That way, you’ll easily notice a change in the dryer’s sound when there is a blockage

Dryer Vent Cover Quality

Dryers come in different sizes, designs, and materials. The design and materials are entirely the manufacturer’s choice but PVC and metal are the common choices.

PVC dryers are better in tighter spaces and work perfectly indoors. Conversely, metal dryers not only look better than the PVC, and you can use them outside your home without fear (but plan for possible rust).

Location of the Dryer Vent Cover

The cover’s location is a minor detail that can easily translate to vent cover damage. Installing the dryer vent cover in the wrong location can determine how frequently you’ll need to repair the component.

It  is usually outside the home. That way, the device can easily pass heat energy outside the home. But even outside the home, its positioning must be deliberate to avoid incessant damage to the vent cover.


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