What Is The Best Way To Clean Dryer Vent?

What Is The Best Way To Clean Dryer Vent?

What Is The Best Way To Clean Dryer Vent?

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  • On September 27, 2022
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If you’re on a cleaning tear in the laundry room, you might as well tackle the clothes dryer vent. Knowing how to clean a dryer vent is not just a matter of cleanliness, but of safety: Dirty dryer vents are the leading cause of domestic dryer fires, according to the U.S. Fire Administration. Dryers should be cleaned at least once a year, and it’s a simple DIY task you can tackle when you have a couple of free hours to spend on home improvement. The result? Completely dry clothes, cleaner lint screens, and a whole lot more laundry satisfaction to speak of. Next up, learn how to clean your washing machine so it runs like new.

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How To Clean A Dryer Vent Like A Pro

If the idea of cleaning a dryer  sounds overwhelming don’t worry! It’s really pretty easy to clean a dryer vent and get it unclogged. If you haven’t done it before you will probably find all sorts of fun things when you clean your vent out.

To prevent fires and keep your dryer runny smooth check out these easy tips on how clean a dryer vent like a pro.

What You Will Need To Clean The Dryer Vent

  • Vacuum (any kind will do)
  • Dryer  Cleaner ( I have owned a few, but currently have this one)
  • Microfiber Cloths
  • All-Purpose Cleaner– The microfiber cloths and all-purpose cleaner is to clean the dryer afterward

Since I wasn’t about to pay someone (it’s around $150 or more where I live) to come and clean it out, I picked up a do it yourself kit.

It makes it so much easier to do on your own. All you need it the kit and a vacuum. You can head over to Amazon to grab a dryer vent kit.

I have found this kit is totally worth the money to clean your vent. When you use it regularly your clothes will dry faster. Plus, it will help your dryer last longer. It’s a win-win!

Plus you can use the dryer vent kit to clean your fridge coils too!

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Dryer Safety Tips: Keeping It Clean and More

The secret to keeping your dryer exhaust vent consistently clean lies in the lint trap. Make sure to remove any dryer lint from it every time you run the dryer while doing a load of laundry, especially if you use dryer sheets. This is critical. Not only will this help you maintain a clean dryer vent, it will keep the entire dryer running smoothly, improve your machine’s drying time, and decrease the risk of house fires.

In addition to simply keeping it clean, it’s also recommended that you never run a dryer unattended. Never turn on a load and leave the house. If you’re not home and a dryer fire starts, it can wreak havoc before someone notices and calls the fire department.



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