Sealed duct cleaning systems

Sealed duct cleaning systems

Sealed duct cleaning systems

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  • On April 24, 2023
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Sealed duct cleaning systems refer to the equipment used by professional duct cleaners to fully encapsulate and seal off each section of ductwork before cleaning begins. Some key points about sealed duct cleaning systems:

• Sealed hoses and boots:

High-quality hoses and boots are used that expand and seal tightly against duct joints to form an airtight seal with no air leaks. These boot seals allow accessing even irregularly shaped duct ends while remaining fully sealed.

• Internal hose filtration:

Inner hoses also contain high-efficiency pleated filters that capture at least 99.97% of particles before air is drawn into the hose. This helps prevent excess debris from entering the sealed system.

• Contained suction system:

The sealed hose and boot system is connected to the main suction equipment, containing all air and debris drawn from the duct within the sealed system. No debris or dust is able to escape between the hose/boot seal and main equipment.

• Microprocessor controls:

Electronic controls are used to regulate suction power and ensure the sealed system remains intact with no excess pressure buildup that could rupture seals. Careful pressure monitoring helps guarantee maximum containment.

• Monitoring seals:

Some equipment also utilizes pressure sensors to directly monitor the integrity of hose/boot seals. Any drop in pressure indicating a loose or damaged seal will immediately shut off suction to prevent debris escape. Visual inspections are also regularly performed.

• Section-by-section cleaning:

Ducts are divided into multiple sections, with each section sealed off and cleaned individually. Seals are removed only once a section has been fully cleaned, inspected and sealed again before progressing to adjacent sections. This “compartmentalized” approach prevents any cross-contamination between duct sections.

• Ensures no mess:professional duct cleaners are able to thoroughly clean ductwork without leaving behind any excess dust or mess. When seals are removed, no debris can escape, and dirty air cannot get in.

In summary, sealed duct cleaning systems provide a contained solution for accessing and cleaning ductwork without making a big mess. By compartmentalizing into sections, fully sealing each section within an airtight hose and boot system and filtering/monitoring to ensure no debris escape, sealed systems guarantee ducts can be cleaned thoroughly yet


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