Why Your Clothes Are Too Hot After Drying

Why Your Clothes Are Too Hot After Drying

Why Your Clothes Are Too Hot After Drying

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  • On June 26, 2023
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If your clothes feel excessively hot coming out of the dryer, it typically indicates an issue with the dryer that needs addressing. Here are the main reasons clothes may be overly hot after drying and some solutions.

Firstly, Dryer Vent Clogged

The most common cause of overheated clothes is a clogged or restricted dryer vent system. A blocked vent prevents hot, moist air from escaping efficiently during drying cycles. As a result, the dryer’s internal temperature rises excessively to compensate, overheating clothes. Thoroughly clean the entire vent system, including the vent hose, lint trap and exterior exhaust hood. Replace the vent hose if older than 5 years for optimal airflow.

Next, Lint Trap Not Emptying Properly

A lint trap left full or improperly cleaned also limits how much hot air the dryer can expel. Any leftover lint or debris on the trap’s screen restricts airflow and inhibits heat exchange. Consequently, clothes retain more heat from being trapped inside the dryer longer. After each use, completely empty and vacuum out the lint trap to allow for maximum airflow. Inspect for tears or loose wires that require replacement.

Furthermore, Dryer Heating Element Issues

Defective or failing heating elements inside the dryer can cause clothes to become too hot.Worn elements may generate excess heat that overdriesthe clothes they’re supposed to be drying properly. Check element terminals and wires for signs of corrosion, melting or discoloration indicating replacement is needed. Replacing faulty heating elements solves the overheating problem by restoring heat at the proper levels.

In addition, Thermostat Not Working Correctly

An inaccurate or malfunctioning thermostat will not properly regulate the dryer’s internal temperature. As a result, the machine may generate heat beyond the set temperature, leading to overly hot clothes. Try replacing the thermostat first before considering more extensive repairs. A functioning thermostat allows the dryer to maintain an optimum heat for drying without scalding clothes.

In severe, longstanding cases, professional dryer repair or even complete dryer replacement may prove necessary. A qualified technician can properly diagnose potential problems like worn motor bearings causing excessive friction heat or issues with other internal components like timers or switches. Meanwhile, replacing an older dryer with a new energy efficient model ensures clothes exit at the proper temperature while lowering energy costs over time.

In conclusion, while common problems like vent blockages and thermostat issues often explain why clothes feel excessively hot, signs of more extensive internal wear indicate the benefits of professional evaluation. A true expert can not only resolve the immediate overheating problem but also catch other potential issues before they become too costly to repair. Sometimes, a thorough external and internal dryer cleaning alone solves the problem. But professional assistance remains invaluable for properly diagnosing and fixing complex issues that impact safety, performance and your clothing.


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