Tips to Prevent Dryer Vent Clogs

Tips to Prevent Dryer Vent Clogs

Tips to Prevent Dryer Vent Clogs

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  • On July 13, 2023
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A clogged or restricted dryer vent can lead to many problems like excess moisture, fire hazards and inefficient drying. Fortunately, there are several easy steps you can take to help prevent dryer vent clogs and issues.

First,always empty the lint trap after each drying load. This captures the majority of lint and prevents it from entering the exhaust vent. Simply pull out the lint trap and remove any built up lint with your fingers or a brush.Then, firmly push the lint trap back in place.

Next, avoid overfilling the dryer drum. Overloaded drying loads produce more lint that can clog the exhaust vent.Only fill the drum about 2/3 full to allow clothes proper airflow.

In addition, use the proper drying cycle settings. Higher heat selections and longer drying times generate more lint.Whenever possible, use lower heat and air settings tailored to the specific fabric types.

Furthermore, regularly remove any debris lodged in the exterior vent hood. Leaves, dirt and other debris can accumulate and restrict exhaust flow. Clean off the vent hood every few months as needed.

Finally, periodically inspect the entire exhaust vent and ductwork for signs of clogs and debris buildup. Even with regular lint trap cleaning, some lint and debris may accumulate in the exhaust vent over time.

You can easily check the vent and ductwork for:

  • Visible lint and debris
  • Kinks, sags or crushing in flexible ducting
  • Deterioration or rust spots on metal venting
  • Buildup around joints or vent hood

By following these basic tips to prevent dryer vent clogs, you can help keep your dryer vent functioning optimally and dramatically reduce the need for the costly professional cleanings. Regularly emptying the lint trap after each use, using appropriate drying cycles and inspecting the entire vent system are the simplest ways to prevent exhaust vent issues.


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