Should You Install a Dryer Vent Booster Fan?

Should You Install a Dryer Vent Booster Fan?

Should You Install a Dryer Vent Booster Fan?

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  • On July 27, 2023
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If your drying cycles seem to take longer than they used to or your clothes aren’t drying thoroughly, a dryer vent booster fan may help improve the performance of your dryer. These small, powerful fan work to increase air flow through the vent duct, which can significantly enhance drying speed and efficiency – especially for longer vent runs. Here are the main reasons you may want to consider installing a dryer vent booster fan.

Overcoming Vent Length and Resistance

Dryer vents that are especially long, have multiple bends or turns, or use ridged metal ducting have more air resistance which inhibits air flow from the dryer. For vent lengths over 35 feet or for set-ups with multiple dryers on one vent, air capacity can become inadequate for efficient drying. A booster fan works to overcome this resistance and push more air through the vent duct, compensating for less than optimal vent configurations.

Improving Performance of High-Efficiency Dryers

Many newer, high-efficiency dryers have less intensive airflow to save energy. However, this reduced air capacity can struggle to properly dry loads when vent lengths are longer. A booster fan can provide the extra airflow needed to make up for an energy-efficient dryer’s lower power output, ensuring proper drying and shortened cycles.

Dealing with Blocked or Crushed Vents

If your dryer vent becomes compressed, crushed or partially blocked over time, air capacity can drastically decrease and drying suffer as a result. Installing a booster fan can help restore full airflow to the vent even with some restrictions, getting your dryer operating efficiently again without a full vent replacement.

Reducing Lint Buildup

Higher airflow created by a booster fan helps push more lint and moisture out of the vent ducting during drying. This decreased residency time reduces the amount of lint that adheres to vent walls and speeds accumulation into the lint trap. Consequently, vents require cleaning less frequently when equipped with booster fans.

In summary, dryer vent booster fans work to increase airflow capacity through vents in order to improve drying performance and efficiency. They are especially beneficial for longer vent runs, multiple dryers on one line, high-efficiency dryers with restricted airflow and vents that have become blocked or crushed over time.


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