Whole Dryer Vent Cleaning

Whole Dryer Vent Cleaning

Whole Dryer Vent Cleaning

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  • On August 2, 2023
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While changing the lint trap before every dryer cycle helps collect some lint, it’s not enough to keep your entire dryer venting system truly clean. For optimal safety, performance and efficiency, your whole vent – including exhaust tubes, connectors and wall vents – needs professional cleaning on a regular basis.

To begin, the lint trap alone only catches the largest particles and clumps of lint. However, dryer cycles steadily release finer particles of lint, hair and dust that pass right through the trap.

Likewise, moisture accumulates within the vent from the heat and air movement of the dryer. Over time, this trapped moisture encourages mold and mildew growth on interior vent surfaces.

Furthermore, trapped moisture and fine lint buildup eventually form sticky clumps that stick to ducts and tubes, constricting airflow. Additionally, flexible vents can collapse or become crushed and kinked.

All this gradual lint and blockage buildup in the full venting system leads to problems like decreased drying efficiency, longer dry cycles and potential fire hazards. Meanwhile, the lint trap appears relatively clean.

In contrast, whole dryer vent cleaning utilizes specialized tools to remove accumulated lint, debris and moisture from the entire vent. Firstly, a technician will inspect all portions of the vent that are accessible.

Next, powerful dryer vent vacuum machines extract lint from both rigid and flexible vent tubes. A motorized brush may also be inserted into tubes to loosen compacted lint for easier vacuuming.

Then, any visible mold or mildew is treated with a chemical solution.

This kills microbes and removes odors without spreading spores.

Meanwhile, collapsed or crushed flexible vents are sometimes replaced instead of cleaned. Rigid vents may require section replacement if too corroded.

Finally, after thorough vacuuming, brushing and chemical treatment, remaining interior surfaces are sprayed with a protective coating. This barrier reduces future buildup, extending time between services.

In summary, regular whole dryer vent cleaning removes accumulated lint, debris and residue that the lint trap misses. This reopens vent tubes to maximize airflow and increase efficiency, safety and performance.


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