Finding and Sealing Leaks During Dryer Vent Cleaning

Finding and Sealing Leaks During Dryer Vent Cleaning

Finding and Sealing Leaks During Dryer Vent Cleaning

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  • On August 10, 2023
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Whether exposed to extreme heat or stagnant cool air, your dryer vent system works hard every time you use your dryer. Any sealing leaks or openings in this vent system compromise its performance and efficiency. But catching leaks early through thorough inspections during regular vent cleanings can help reduce energy bills, prolong dryer life, and improve drying performance.

How Leaks Affect Your Dryer System

Air leaks within your dryer vent system can:

•Increase drying time. When exhaust air escapes leaks, less hot air vents outside. This forces the dryer to run longer to dry clothes thoroughly.

•Waste energy. Every leak allows heated air to escape without warming your home or properly ventilating moisture outside. This wastes energy.

•Overwork components. With reduced airflow out of leaks, your dryer’s motor, heating elements and fan work harder and wear out faster.

•Cause moisture issues. Trapped moisture from leaked airflow can damage dryer parts and cause corrosion or mold growth.

•Impact safety. Air leaks can reduce indoor air quality by pulling contaminants into the home from outside.

Thus even minor leaks pose issues that reduce performance, efficiency, functionality and safety of your dryer system over time.

Inspecting for Leaks During Vent Cleaning

During professional dryer vent cleaning, technicians thoroughly inspect all parts of the vent system for:

  • Separated duct joints. Components become disconnected due to vibration, allowing air to escape.
  • Loose or missing clamps. Without proper clamping, ducts and joints come apart over time.
  • Cracked or crushed ducts. Physical damage leads to openings that release heated exhaust air.
  • Brittle, cracked or damaged duct tape. Deteriorated tape no longer forms a proper seal.
  • Holes or openings in vent hoods. Outside vents should form a tight seal around the vent pipe.
  • Disconnected transition pieces. Airline attachments should fit snugly against vent pipes.

Any leaks located are properly sealed with high-temperature duct mop or aluminum tape to ensure a tight, lasting seal.

Benefits of Finding and Sealing Leaks

Having your entire dryer exhaust system inspected for leaks during regular vent cleanings offers benefits like:

  • Reduced drying times. With fewer leaks, exhaust air ventilates properly so dryers run more efficiently.
  • Lower energy bills. Less wasted heated air exiting leaks means lower utility costs.
  • Extended dryer lifespan. With complete exhaust airflow, dryer parts face less strain and wear out slower.
  • Improved moisture control. By properly ventilating all moisture, leaks no longer trap dampness that damages dryers.
  • Enhanced safety. Sealing leaks ensures hot exhaust air and pollutants vent entirely outside to maintain indoor air quality.

In summary, thorough inspections for leaks in key parts of your dryer vent system should be conducted during every professional dryer vent cleaning. Catching and properly sealing even minor leaks helps boost efficiency, prolong dryer life, enhance drying performance and ensure a safe venting system for years to come.


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