Legislative code changes affecting dryer vent cleaning in Ottawa

Legislative code changes affecting dryer vent cleaning in Ottawa

Legislative code changes affecting dryer vent cleaning in Ottawa

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  • On November 20, 2023
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As dedicated professionals serving the ventilation needs of the Ottawa community, we aim to keep clients well-informed regarding changes to the codes and regulations that govern our important work. Recent legislative updates strengthen measures to prevent dryer fires and other risks. Let’s review these new standards together.

To begin, the 2020 National Building Code introduced stricter rules for dryer exhaust systems in accordance with new testing from Underwriters Laboratories of Canada. Ductwork material, joints, support brackets and terminations all face increased requirements to minimize lint buildup and leakage. Our practices strictly comply with updated material specifications.

Furthermore, the City of Ottawa passed a bylaw earlier this year adopting the provincial Fire Code’s semi-annual vent cleaning recommendation into law. While seasonal maintenance has long been our best practice advice, this amendment establishes a legal liability. We’re available all year to perform the recommended spring and fall cleanings.

In addition, inspection protocols have grown more rigorous. The TSSA now mandates Carbon Monoxide detector installation near gas dryers and inspection port placement for thorough cleaning access. Our certified technicians thoroughly check each installation adheres to these critical enhancements protecting lives.

Moreover, multi-family residential buildings encounter new National Fire Protection Association regulations. Condominium corporations must report vent cleaning and drum replacement schedules. Larger rental properties also face compliance changes under the Ontario Fire Code. Contact us regarding inspection and audit support services for these developments.

Lastly, stricter energy efficiency standards mean higher performing appliances which also leads to increased lint production. With more robust machines requiring more vigilant duct maintenance, selecting experienced professional help brings extra reassurance. Stay safe bringing any dryer vent system fully up to code.

In summary, Trust our licensed team to guide any installation upgrades or periodic cleaning needs as changes take effect. We proudly ensure every customer enjoys maximum fire protection backed by legislative Expertise. Compliance keeps our community that much safer in uncertain times.


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