Packages and pricing for dryer vent cleaning in Ottawa

Packages and pricing for dryer vent cleaning in Ottawa

Packages and pricing for dryer vent cleaning in Ottawa

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  • On November 27, 2023
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Whether you need a basic checkup or a more comprehensive cleaning, we offer flexible service packages to meet various needs and budgets. Our priority is ensuring all Ottawa homes have properly maintained and inspected dryer venting. To accomplish this goal, we provide transparently priced options so the right level of care is accessible for every home. For a basic check,

Our Standard package examines the exterior vent and interior lint trap.

From there, a basic brushing of the vent ducting addresses minimal buildup. This allows homeowners to easily keep maintenance on their venting system at low cost.The Standard plan fits into most budgets as effective preventative care.

However, some houses require deeper cleaning attention. That’s why we created the Premium package. This step up includes everything in Standard plus a thorough augering of the entire vent run using specialized power tools. The auger dislodges even heavily caked-on lint that regular brushes cannot reach. At $yy, Premium delivers complete cleaning assured to reduce risks and restore ideal vent performance.

For the most rigorous service, look to our Platinum plan. Platinum features all actions from Standard and Premium with additions of static pressure testing and vent casing inspection. Static tests precisely map any issue areas needing cleaning. Vent casing evaluation checks for damage, nests and corrosion. Platinum concludes with a warranty and ensures maximum safety & efficiency for only $zz.

Beyond packages, we offer chimney liner installation for masonry homes with wall-mounted dryers. A stainless steel liner protects aging brick from exhaust corrosion and provides structure for proper venting. Priced at $aaa per linear foot installed.

Lastly, for customers interested in an annual maintenance agreement, we provide package discounts and set pricing. Contact us for flexible contract options to fit any budget while keeping vents in top working order all year.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us . We aim to make professional dryer vent upkeep stress-free and affordable for all Ottawa homeowners. Let our team of certified technicians inspect and restore your venting system to code today.


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