Dryer vent cleaning bundled with gutter cleaning services in Ottawa

Dryer vent cleaning bundled with gutter cleaning services in Ottawa

Dryer vent cleaning bundled with gutter cleaning services in Ottawa

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  • On December 6, 2023
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As the seasons change, many homeowners look to complete important exterior maintenance tasks before winter arrives. We recognize that fall is a busy time for projects like gutter cleaning and dryer vent cleaning. By bundling these services together, you can check multiple chores off your to-do list while saving money. Our professional team can efficiently handle both jobs simultaneously to help you prepare your home inside and out.

Dryer vents require annual cleaning

First, to remove built-up lint that reduces airflow and poses a fire hazard if left unattended. Similarly, clogged gutters prevent proper water drainage and run the risk of damage from overflow during heavy rains. Neglect of either task will inevitably lead to bigger issues down the line. However, by addressing both proactively through our fall maintenance package, future expenses on repairs can potentially be avoided.

Moreover, our technicians have extensive experience efficiently completing multiple related jobs in one visit. This means less disruptions than scheduling cleanings separately. No need for separate quotes, appointments or payment when we provide convenient bundled pricing. We understand how valuable your time is, so we aim to minimize inconvenience as much as possible.

Gutter and dryer vent cleaning complement each other well seasonally.

As leaves begin to fall, unclogged gutters become even more crucial before heavy rains arrive. Simultaneously, the transition to cooler temperatures signals more frequent dryer usage requiring annual lint removal. Tackling these needs together ensures your home’s exterior and interior maintenance are covered right when needed most.

Furthermore, inspection is included with any service through our company. Should any underlying issues be noticed with gutters, vents or related areas during cleaning, we can provide repair quotes. Taking a preventative approach and fixing smaller problems promptly helps reduce the chances of costly damage developing over winter. Our expertise and comprehensive services offer peace of mind that all bases are covered for upcoming seasons.

Don’t forget that booking our fall maintenance package also permits saving versus individual pricing. When considering impending projects and busy schedules, gaining efficiency and savings makes bundling an understandable choice. Convenience and value are important to consider for any homeowner’s budget.

To learn more about our gutter cleaning and dryer vent services, feel free to contact our team. We would be pleased to provide a quote and schedule an appointment to thoroughly prepare your home’s exterior and interior for autumn. Don’t delay necessary maintenance tasks – rely on our experts to check gutter and vent maintenance off your to-do list.


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