Offering discounts for annual dryer vent cleaning in Ottawa

Offering discounts for annual dryer vent cleaning in Ottawa

Offering discounts for annual dryer vent cleaning in Ottawa

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  • On December 7, 2023
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Here at Everydryer, ensuring safety and reliability are top priorities when it comes to dryer vent maintenance. While many homeowners overlook this important chore, we encourage regular annual cleanings to prevent costly issues down the road. To promote preventative service, we proudly offer discounts through our Loyalty Membership Program.

As experts, we recommend yearly vent cleanings to remove built-up lint that restricts airflow. Left unchecked, blockages worsen efficiency and pose a serious fire risk. Our discounted membership acknowledges customers who schedule routine maintenance. For a low annual fee, members gain access to preferred pricing on cleaning and inspection services.

The savings can be significant, especially for multicasting families relying on dryer usage daily. A single inspection is often all that’s necessary to put worried minds at ease another season. Receiving reminder notices also encourages consistency that protects homes and appliances in the long run. Neglecting this small task often leads to much larger consequences or expenses further on.

Memberships provide added peace of mind knowing their vents will remain clear and functioning safely. We guarantee responding swiftly should issues arise between cleanings too. Planning maintenance at a discounted rate removes stresses of pay-as-needed costs and allows budgeting repairs. It gives us opportunities to address any minor problems before requiring major vent replacement down the road as well.

Most importantly, adhering to a regular cleaning schedule fulfills fire code recommendations. Should the unfortunate occur, members hold proof of due diligence with inspection records. Our proof of servicing also satisfies requirements during real estate transactions or incidents involving insurance claims. The program ultimately keeps your home up to standard and residents out of harm’s way.

Don’t take chances gambling on unknown vent conditions annual discounts. Trust the experts and sign up for Loyalty Membership savings today. Schedule cleaning appointments safe in the knowledge you’re preparing properly for seasons to come. We ensure smooth, worry-free drying year-round so you don’t have to stress small maintenance tasks. Reliable ventilation awaits at a rate that fits your budget too through our discounted program.


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