Dryer vent cleaning using coated ducts

Dryer vent cleaning using coated ducts

Dryer vent cleaning using coated ducts

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  • On December 22, 2023
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Regular dryer vent cleaning is important for safety and efficiency. However, traditional methods become a chore over time. Coated vent ducts offer an innovative way to reduce cleaning needs through a nonstick barrier. Rather than scrubbing built-up lint monthly, these advanced linings cause residue to slide away longer between services.

Applying a smooth molecular coating inside your vent is a simple service requiring no dismantling. Technicians spray a thin, elastic polymer sealant that dries to form an impervious shield along all duct surfaces. This nonstick sheath bonds tightly without obstructions.

Once cured, the coating creates an ultra-slippery interface lint and other debris cannot adhere to like bare metal. Instead, particle buildup balls up and falls away on its own down the vent path naturally over time. This self-cleaning mechanism drastically cuts operational friction accumulated within the lines.

As a result, coated vents experience far less material sticking long-term. Lint clings 50% less than unprotected ducts on average. Extended cleaning intervals of 6-12 months become feasible versus regular monthly scrubbing with bare vent builds previously. Fewer disruptive service appointments are necessary thanks to the barrier.

Moreover, the smooth seal ensures compressed air jet tools clean that much more thoroughly whenever maintenance is performed. Caked-on layers dissolve easier due to the low-friction substrate. Duct integrity also strengthens under the protective film shielding from corrosion over the years. Vents last longer overall.

In conclusion, nonstick vent coatings modernize duct care through simple applied science. The upfront cost pays dividends in reduced long-term cleaning needs and vent replacement delays. Contact our technicians today to discuss this low-maintenance solution fitted discreetly from the outside. Extend vent lifespan hassle-free and save time spent scrubbing repeatedly.


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