How Long Will a Dryer Vent Last?

How Long Will a Dryer Vent Last?

How Long Will a Dryer Vent Last?

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  • On August 12, 2022
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How Long Does a Dryer Vent Last?

A dryer vent will last around 10-15 years — and that depends on how well you maintain it and how often you use it. If you’re putting it through the wringer, like any appliance, don’t expect it to last as long.

Whether it’s a condenser dryer, vented dryer, or gas dryer, on average they last around 13 years.

Best Tips for Dryer Longevity

If you’re sharing a dryer with roommates or a large family, maintenance and proper upkeep are even more important. That means taking the time to clean out the lint from the dryer filter and making sure the tumbler is wiped down with alcohol disinfectant after large load cycles.

Wiping down the inside of the tumbler also prevents the thin coat of residue left by drying sheets from sticking to the inside and interfering with the sensors, preventing your machine from properly drying anything.

Sound like a lot of tedious work? Consider this. Buying a new dryer is costly. Good maintenance is far easier and more cost-effective in the long run. Especially when it means your clothes and sheets will dry properly. Sometimes, dryers are just old. That’s when you skip the repairs and go for a full replacement.

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Should I Replace My Dryer?

Our experts can determine whether it’s more cost-effective to replace your unit or invest in some maintenance repair instead. The decision to repair or replace comes down to common sense. If your current dryer is past middle age, it’s probably more cost-effective to just buy a new one. If it’s just a few years old, hold onto it.

What Shortens a Dryer’s Lifespan?

Lint. Those tiny textile fibers can really build up and interfere with your dryer’s functionality. That’s why you have to remove lint after every load. And don’t forget about cleaning out lint from the duct vent, too. That’s where we come in.

Overuse. Using your dryer frequently at high temperatures and not giving it enough idle time leads to it wearing down over time, shortening its life cycle.

Dryer Vents. Dryers have to ventilate high heat for long periods of time. When lint collects in the vent, it can clog it. This is bad news for your dryer’s longevity. Vacuum out the lint twice a year (more if you use it frequently).

Easy Ways to Improve Your Dryer’s Lifespan

Every best-practice tip for improving the longevity of your dryer comes down to not overworking it. It’s that simple.

Divide laundry loads by weight. If you have bulky, heavy bed sheets, keep them separate from things like jeans and kitchen tablecloths. The dryer can work more effectively for each load.

Keep the dryer clean. As stated before, lint builds up and blocks the dryer’s ability to vent hot air out or properly dry items. Keeping it clean is better for your dryer, your clothes, and you.

Reduce the drying time and heat level. If you notice it’s taking too long to dry sheets, do some troubleshooting; you might need a duct cleaning.

Air dry your clothes from time to time. It’s good to give your appliance a rest. Drying your clothes also prolongs the lifespan of your clothes as well as the dryer.


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