Dryer Vent cleaning maximizes energy efficiency

Dryer Vent cleaning maximizes energy efficiency

Dryer Vent cleaning maximizes energy efficiency

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  • On May 10, 2023
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Your dryer vent cleaning system plays an important role in the efficiency of your clothes dryer. As lint and other debris build up in the vent hose and ductwork over time, it can reduce how well your dryer can expel humid air outside. This leads to longer drying times, increased energy usage and higher utility bills. Regular dryer vent cleaning can help maximize your dryer’s efficiency and performance.

How Dryer Vent Impact Efficiency

Dryer vents allow moist, humid air to escape from your clothes dryer to the outside. As the dryer drum tumble-dries your clothes, a fan forces that humid air through the dryer vent hose and into the main ductwork.

But over time, built-up lint, dust, pet hair and other debris accumulate in the vent hose and ductwork. This restricts airflow, making it harder for the humid air to escape efficiently. The dryer has to work harder and run longer to dry clothes properly.

The Effects of Clogged Vents:

  • Longer drying times – Vents constricted by 30-50% can increase drying time by up to 50%.
  • Higher energy usage – The dryer runs for longer periods to compensate, increasing electricity costs.
  • Delayed sensors – Moisture and temperature sensors inside have trouble detecting dry clothes due to restricted airflow.
  • Vent fires – Lint buildup is one of the leading causes of dryer vent fires.

Regular Cleaning is Key

To maximize your clothes dryer’s efficiency and safety, it’s important to have your dryer vent system cleaned regularly:

  • Dryer vent hose – Inspect and vacuum out the vent hose attached to the back of your dryer every 1-2 years.
  • Wall or roof vent cap – Remove and vacuum out the exterior vent cap every 1-2 years.
  • Whole vent ductwork – Have the entire length of vent ductwork professionally cleaned every 2-5 years. This removes built-up lint from bends and connections.

By keeping your dryer vent system lint-free through regular cleaning, you’ll notice shorter drying times, lower energy bills, and better performance from your clothes dryer. It’s a simple and effective way to boost the efficiency of one of you


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