Inspection During Dryer Vent Cleaning

Inspection During Dryer Vent Cleaning

Inspection During Dryer Vent Cleaning

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  • On May 11, 2023
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When you hire a professional dryer vent cleaning service, the technician will do more than just vacuum out accumulated lint. A full service includes a thorough inspection of your entire vent run from the dryer connection to the vent termination outside.

During the inspection of dryer vent cleaning, the technician will:

  • Check all connections – They will inspect where the vent ducting attaches to the dryer connection collar and outlet box as well as any joins between vent sections. Loose connections allow excess lint to build up.
  • Look for signs of damage – They examine the entire vent run for sagging, crushing, cracks, separations, rust, corrosion or other damage that can compromise vent performance. Any damage needs to be repair.
  • Inspect vent tube material – The technician determines if the vent tube material is in good condition without holes, missing sections or other deterioration that would require replacement.
  • Test for proper pitch – They ensure the vent ducting slopes slightly upward towards the outside termination to allow gravity-assisted airflow and drainage of condensation.
  • Check vent termination – The vent cap or hood outside inspects to confirm it is securely in place and functioning properly to vent moisture away from your home.
  • Document findings – Reputable companies will provide you with a written report detailing any issues found during the inspection along with recommendations and estimates for necessary repairs.

A thorough inspection of your entire dryer vent run is an essential part of any professional cleaning service. It identifies potential problem areas that – if left unaddressed – would accelerate the rate of future lint buildup. Any needed repairs are performed before the technician vacuums out all visible accumulated lint.

Hope this helps explain what professionals look for when inspecting your dryer vent run! A complete inspection catches small problems before they become significant, maximizing the efficiency, safety and life of your appliance.


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