Dryer Vent Cleaning: Fly-Through Camera Inspections

Dryer Vent Cleaning: Fly-Through Camera Inspections

Dryer Vent Cleaning: Fly-Through Camera Inspections

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  • On July 6, 2023
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Regular cleaning of dryer vents through vacuum and physical removal of lint is important for safety and appliance performance. However, traditional cleaning methods are often performed blindly without a visual inspection of the entire vent. Consequently, fly-through camera inspections have emerged as an essential part of thorough dryer vent cleaning.

How Fly-Through Inspections Work

Fly-through camera inspections involve using a small, remotely operated camera mounted on a rigid wand or snake. The camera is inserted into the vent outlet and maneuvered through the entire length of the vent ductwork. As the camera passes through the vent, a monitor displays the camera’s view.

Typically, specialized vent inspection cameras are used that feature LED lights to illuminate the duct, 360-degree maneuverability and high resolution for detailed images . Then, the cameras are connected to a monitor truck outside to allow technicians to guide the camera.

Benefits of Fly-Through Inspections

Some key benefits of fly-through camera inspections for dryer vent cleaning include:

  • Identify blockages – The camera inspection can detect any blockages or restrictions that may be impeding airflow .
  • Spot damage – Any cracks, holes or physical damage to the vent ductwork can be seen and addressed.
  • Check vent lengths – The footage confirms the vent’s actual length to ensure it meets code requirements.
  • Inspect vent transitions – Changes in vent size, shape or material are identifiable to evaluate for potential issues.
  • Detect vent bends – Sharp bends that may trap lint or restrict airflow become visible during inspection.

In summary, fly-through camera inspections are an essential part of thorough dryer vent cleaning. The visual evaluation of the entire vent length allows technicians to identify any issues that could impede performance between routine cleanings. Any damage, blockages or problem areas detected through inspection can then be addressed as part of an effective vent cleaning and maintenance plan. Therefore, incorporating fly-through camera inspections into regular vent cleaning services helps ensure a complete and long-lasting clean.


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