Cleaning Between the Dryer Drum and Cabinet

Cleaning Between the Dryer Drum and Cabinet

Cleaning Between the Dryer Drum and Cabinet

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  • On August 7, 2023
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While routinely cleaning the dryer vent hose and lint trap is important, many homeowners overlook cleaning between the dryer drum and cabinet. However, significant amounts of lint and debris can accumulate in this area, hindering performance and safety. Therefore, cleaning between the drum and cabinet during regular dryer maintenance is crucial.

How Lint Builds Up

As clothes tumble inside the dryer drum, some lint and smaller debris escapes through the drum seal with each cycle. Therefore:

  • Tiny fibers and particles become trapped between the drum and the cabinet walls.

•Lint collects on components like door seals, rollers and wiring.

This accumulating lint:

•Forms an insulating layer that reduces the efficiency of heat transfer to the drum.

•Causes the motor and heating element to work harder, raising energy costs.

•Creates potential fire hazards as lint buildup traps heat.

Cleaning the Area

Thoroughly cleaning between the drum and cabinet requires:

•Removing any screws securing the front panel and partially dismantling the dryer.

•Vacuuming up any loose lint and thoroughly wiping all accessible surfaces.

•Using a brush or cloth to remove caked-on lint from corners, vents and creases.

•Cleaning lint and debris from components like door seals, rollers and friction patches.

•Inspecting wires for damage from trapped heat or rodent chewing.

•Applying a lubricant to door seals, hinges and rollers to ease movement.

•Reassembling the dryer and inspecting for proper operation.

Overall, cleaning between the drum and cabinet:

•Removes insulating lint that impedes heat transfer for more efficient drying cycles.

•Lowers energy costs by reducing the workload on the motor and heating element.

•Lessens fire risks posed by accumulated lint that can ignite from trapped heat.

•Prolongs the life of rollers, bearings and seals by preventing binding from debris.

•Improves functionality by ensuring components operate smoothly.

In conclusion, while lint buildup in the vent hose poses risks, lint accumulating between the drum and cabinet also hinders performance. Regularly dismantling the front panel to thoroughly vacuum and wipe this enclosed area:

•Maximizes dryer efficiency and safety
•Reduces energy costs
•Improves the lifespan of components.


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