Dryer vent cleaning in multi-unit buildings in Ottawa

Dryer vent cleaning in multi-unit buildings in Ottawa

Dryer vent cleaning in multi-unit buildings in Ottawa

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  • On December 1, 2023
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As the only specialized cleaning company certified to work in high-rise structures, we have developed efficient strategies to service the unique venting needs of Ottawa’s multi-unit buildings. Coordinating access and cleaning systems spanning multiple floors presents distinct challenges.

The first step involves inspecting each building’s vent routing plans to understand the layout. This confirms the most effective cleaning path minimizing disrupted access. Ensuing consultations with property managers schedule dates accommodating residents.

Specialized equipment allows thoroughly accessing pipes regardless of placement. Aerial lifts raise workers and vacuums vertically. Mini-cameras inspect inaccessible areas from above or below. Powered brushes smoothly draw out lint from longer horizontal runs between walls.

To isolate units from one another, we recommend sealing vent connections and installing protective shields at junctions. This contains any lint temporarily dislodged and distributes exhaust load equally. Our installs meet code and prevent cross-contamination issues.

Respecting tenant privacy remains priority number one. Vents running through open areas like laundry closets receive a simple wipe down from the room. Wall-enclosed pipes rely on cameras without dismantling walls unnecessarily. Alternative unit access allows circumventing occupied spaces.

Efficient routes minimize disruptions to busy schedules. Skilled technicians work continuously while on-site. Prompt reporting then notes any pipe replacements, re-routing or additional cleaning cycle recommendations to property managers.

Reliable service protects residents from dryer-related hazards like fires. Establishing an annual maintenance schedule accommodates major cleaning efficiently before issues arise. Condo boards gain assured compliance with fire codes to keep insurance and residents satisfied.

Don’t let complex venting ground multi-unit buildings operations to a halt. We customize comprehensive solutions for any building configuration in the Ottawa region. Compliance and resident safety remain top priorities.


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