Dryer vent extensions for Ottawa homes

Dryer vent extensions for Ottawa homes

Dryer vent extensions for Ottawa homes

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  • On December 1, 2023
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Proper dryer venting requires piping that extends well above the roofline to safely expel moist exhaust away from the home. However, tall attics or multi-story homes sometimes fall just short of code compliance. As a professional cleaning service, we fabricate extensions solving this issue effectively.

Initial Conversations

Initial consultations review homeowners’ vent routing and measurements to design an optimal custom solution. Materials may involve rigid or flexible aluminum piping tailored for the application. Elbow joints reinforce angled runs while maintaining smooth airflow.

Where height proves insufficient

These extensions raise terminations the additional few inches to several feet depending on the situation. For example, our tallest completed extension reached over 10’ to comply on a mansion’s highest floor laundry room.

Properly supported with secure braces affixed directly to rafters or walls, added weight never overburdens existing venting. Wind tunnel testing verifies extended assemblies withstand typical weather without issue. During installations, protective covers shield workers on partial roof sections.

Clean appears seamlessly integrated once completed. Exteriors receive powder-coating for durability matching common vent materials. Interior connections utilize clamped slip joints permitting painless cleaning access.

Beyond compliance, advantages include reduced dry time and energy costs. Without interrupting essential venting, homeowners gain assurance meeting fire codes protecting lives and property investments. Complimentary re-inspections provide ongoing peace of mind.

Don’t let vent height deter dryer usage safely. We offer creative extensions ensuring proper venting reaches any needed distance above-roof. Protect your homes with fully code-approved custom solutions tailored installation. Compliance brings comfort knowing the job meets standards right the first time.


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